KCHEART utilizes the Central Region Intertie System, a group of linked UHF/VHF repeaters in Western Missouri, SE Nebraska, NW Arkansas and Eastern Kansas. The system uses a combination of commercial, licensed microwave, IRLP Reflector 9330 and RF to link sites together.

The following Repeater are linked with RF or Commercial Channels and do not appear in the above IRLP information:

Deepwater, MO

Output: 443.300 Input: 448.300 PL: 107.2 Hz Owner: W0DR

Marshall Junction / Pipertown, MO

Output: 442.175 Input: 447.175 PL: 127.3 Hz Owner: KM0HP


Output: 444.250 Input: 449.250 PL: 91.1 Hz Owner: KM0HP

Paola, KS

Output: 442.475 Input: 447.475 PL: 151.4 Hz Owner: N0SWP

The following Repeater are linked by IRLP. Actively linked Repeater will be shown above.

Excelsior Springs, MO

Output: 443.325 Input: 448.325 PL: 141.3 Hz Owner: K0AMJ IRLP: 3849

Holden, MO

Output: 444.375 Input: 449.375 PL: 107.2 Hz Owner: N0NDP IRLP: 7894

Lee’s Summit, MO

Output: 444.450 Input: 449.450 PL: 151.4 Hz Owner: N0NDP IRLP: 7863

St. Joseph, MO – North

Output: 443.950 Input: 448.950 PL: 151.4 Hz Owner: KM0HP IRLP: 7038

The following Simplex Stations may be linked by IRLP. Actively linked Simplex Stations will be shown above.

Lee’s Summit, MO (and mobile)

Output: 446.600 Input: 446.600 PL: 123.0 Hz Owner: K0JPR IRLP: 4540

Additional Repeaters/Simplex Stations from Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas & Oklahoma may be linked into IRLP Reflector 9330 from time to time. Also may find other states and countries there.

The IRLP stations may be moved to another channel on Reflector 9330 if the current activities requires separation of the network from other activities (in case of priorities and emergencies).
IRLP Reflector 9330 is used to link several of the repeaters. The channel assignments are as follows:

Channel 0: Central Region Intertie System
Channel 1: Weather Spotter Traffic
Channel 2: NWS Reserved
Channel 3: Missouri Skywarn
Channel 4: SPC Norman, OK
Channel 5: K-Link System
Channel 6: General QSO
Channel 7: Regional IRLP SkyWarn Net
Channel 8: Oklahoma / Arkansas SkyWarn
Channel 9: VoIP WX Net – Listen Only