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Bethany, MO (Linked on Demand) Output: 443.075
(Bethany, MO)
Chillicothe, MO (Linked on Demand) Output: 444.400
(Chillicothe, MO)
Deepwater, MO Output: 443.300
(Deepwater, MO)
Excelsior Springs, MO Output: 443.325
(Excelsior Springs, MO)
Holden, MO Output: 444.375
(Holden, MO)
Kansas City, KS - KU Med Center Output: 442.325
(KU Med Center Kansas City, KS)
Kingston, MO (not linked to system) Output: 444.675
(Kingston, MO)
Leavenworth, KS Output: 442.350
(Leavenworth, KS)
Lee’s Summit, MO Output: 146.700
(MO 291 & hwy 50 Lee’s Summit, MO)
Lee’s Summit, MO Output: 444.450
( Lee’s Summit, MO)
Marceline, MO (Linked on Demand) Output: 443.150
(Marceline, MO)
Marshall Junction / Pipertown, MO Output: 442.175
(Marshall Junction, MO)
Maryville, MO (Linked on Demand) Output: 444.475
(Maryville, MO)
Nevada, MO (Repeater Available, but NOT interconnected)
(Nevada, MO)
Osborn, MO - (not linked to system) Output: 442.675
(Osborn, MO)
Paola, KS Output: 442.475
(Paola, KS)
Plattsburg, MO (not linked to system) Output: 146.895
(Plattsburg, MO)
Rockport, MO (Linked on Demand) Output: 444.775
(Rockport, MO)
Springfield, MO (Linked on Demand) Output: 442.425
(Springfield, MO)
St. Joseph, MO - North Output: 443.950
(St. Joseph, MO)
St. Joseph, MO - South (NOT Linked) Output: 444.925
(I 629 St. Joseph, MO)
Topeka, KS Output: 442.875
(Topeka, KS)

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